A new vision of destinations, tourism companies and services in 2020

DESTINO SEGURO implements its Guarantee Brand through a responsible, voluntary and independent declaration of cities and tourist destinations, activities, companies and tourism services, based on the principles of safety, responsibility and sustainability in tourism management.
Adherence to guidelines, recommendations, good practices and their voluntary implementation of guides and / or protocols with tourist technical specifications drawn up by national and / or international organizations competent in tourism, or by the tourist destinations and companies themselves,
DESTINATION SEGURO provides visual and visible support, personalized and adapted to each of the different tourism sub-sectors in Spain. Safe Destination and Safe Destination are guarantee marks that recognize and prove the implementation of protocols related to service, cleaning, disinfection, maintenance and risk management for the different sub-sectors of the tourism industry.

The commitment of both a tourist destination and the industry companies for the implementation with the prevention and reduction of infection by the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus, is proven and made more visible by obtaining the SAFE Destination Guarantee SEAL and safe destination, instilling a sense of security and trust among all actors involved in the tourism value chain: workers, destinations, businesses, tourists and the inhabitants of the local community themselves, bringing significant benefits to all.

The Safe Destination Guarantee seal, joins the philosophy of the UNITED NATIONS through the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and places it as a global and inspirational reference for its responsible, safe and sustainable tourism strategy by 2030:
the achievement of a number of of the 17 GLOBAL OBJECTIVES or SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS.
such as SDG.3: Health and wellbeing, and the SDG. 11. Inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities in perfect balance with the tourism activity / industry and the local community.